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P4wnP1 more advanced features (excerpt)

Advanced HID Features

  • Keyboard payloads could be triggered by targets main keyboard LEDs (NUMLOCK, CAPSLOCK and SCROLLLOCK)
  • dynamic payload branching based on LED triggers
  • Supports DuckyScript (see hid_keyboard2.txt payload for an advanced example)
  • Supports raw ASCII Output via HID Keyboard (could be used to print out character based files via keyboard, like cat /var/log syslog | outhid)
  • Multi Keyboard language layout support (no need to worry about target language when using HID commands)
  • Output starts when target keyboard driver is loaded (no need for manual delays, onKeyboardUp callback could be used in payloads)
  • Supports MouseScript

Advanced Network Features

  • Fake RNDIS network interface speed up to 20GB/s to get the lowest metric and win every fight for the dominating 'default gateway' entry in routing tables, while carrying out network attacks (patch could be found here and the README here)
  • Automatic link detection and interface switching, if a payload enables both RNDIS and ECM network
  • SSH server is running by default, so P4wnP1 could be connected on (as long as the payload enables RNDIS, CDC ECM or both) or on via WiFi
  • if both, WiFi client mode and WiFi Access Point mode, are enable - P4wnP1 fails over to open an Access Point in case the target WiFi isn't reachable (Pi Zero W only)

Advanced payload features

  • bash payloads based on callbacks (see template.txt payload for details)
    • onNetworkUp (when target host gets network link active)
    • onTargetGotIP (if the target received an IP, the IP could be accessed from the payload script)
    • onKeyboardUp (when keyboard driver installation on target has finished and keyboard is usable)
    • onLogin (when a user logs in to P4wnP1 via SSH)
  • configuration can be done globally (setup.cfg) or overwritten per payload (if the same parameter is defined in the payload script)
  • settings include:
    • USB config (Vendor ID, Product ID, device types to enable ...)
    • WiFi config (SSID, password ...)
    • HID keyboard config (target keyboard language etc.)
    • Network and DHCP config
    • Payload Selection