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Other ways to Contribute

Even if you are not a developer or very familiar with P4wnP1, you can still contribute to the progress of the project
There are several things that need to be done:

  • Proofreading of the entire Wiki for grammatical/informational errors. We are just humans like you. ;-)
  • Since this list isn't the central ToDo list, you will find up-to-date Wiki todo list here.
  • A logo/icon for P4wnP1. The currently proposed logos can be found here.


This repo uses the default github-webinterface characters for styling

  • `[code]` singleline code
  • ```[multiline code]``` multiline code
  • * unordered lists
  • - unordered list indent
  • 1. ordered list
  • --- horizontal line
  • ![alt-text](url) image
  • [text](url) hyperlink
  • **text** bold
  • _text_ italic
  • [display-name]( internal link


internal links use relative links instead of absolute. Use ../ to access the parent directory. So if you have this directory structure,

├── Backdoor-Subfolder
│   ├── (the file you are editing)
│   └──
└── (the file you want to link to)

you use [<text to display>](../ to link to

Python-Markdown extensions

This Wiki uses a couple of extensions supported by material:


If you add a new page to the Wiki, it will only show up in the sidebar if you add it in mkdocs.yml at the correct spot.

youtube videos

Since raw html in markdown documents is not recommended and filtered by some backends the prefered style is adding the thumbnail with the link to the video like so: This can be done with the following syntax:
alt-text should be a descriptive name
thumbnail-link the url<video_id>/0.jpg
video-link is the link to the video<video_id>

video_id is the part after ?v= in every video link.
[![P4wnP1 LockPicker demo youtube](](
will be rendered to:
P4wnP1 LockPicker demo youtube