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Payload: Windows LockPicker

This payload extends the "Snagging creds from locked machine" approach, presented by Mubix (see credits), to its obvious successor:

P4wnP1 LockPicker cracks grabbed hashes and unlocks the target on success, using its keyboard capabilities. This happens fully automated, without further user interaction.

Video demo

I'm still no video producer, so maybe somebody feels called upon to do a demo. Here's my (sh**ty) attempt:

P4wnP1 LockPicker demo youtube

Here's a version of someone doing this much better, thanks @Seytonic

P4wnP1 LockPicker demo youtube

Attack chain (short summary):

  1. The USB network interface of P4wnP1 is used to bring up a DHCP which provides its configuration to the target client.
  2. Among other options, a WPAD entry is placed and static routes for the whole IPv4 address space are deployed to the target.
  3. P4wnP1 redirects traffic dedicated to remote hosts to itself using different techniques.
  4. Requests for various protocols originating from the target, are fetched by "", which forces authentication and tries to steal the hashes used for authentication.
  5. If a hash gets grabbed, P4wnP1 LED is blinking three times in sequence, to signal that you could unplug and walk away with the hashes for offline cracking. Or...
  6. ... you leave P4wnP1 plugged and the hashes are handed over to John the Ripper, which tries to bruteforce the captured hash.
  7. If the ┬┤password of the user who locked the box is weakly choosen, chances are high that John the Ripper is able to crack it, which leads to...
  8. ... P4wnP1 ultimately enters the password, in order to unlock the box and you're able to access the box (the cracked password is stored in collected folder, along with the hashes).

The payload Win10_LockPicker.txt has to be choosen in setup.cfg to carry out the attack. It is important to modify the payloads "lang" parameter to your target's language. If you attach a HDMI monitor to P4wnP1, you could watch the status output of the attack (including captured hash and plain creds, if you made it this far).