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This contains the most common mistakes people make. Obviously, not every possible issue can be resolved by this this Guide. So if you can't figure out what is wrong, post an issue to the P4wnP1 issue page. If you want us to help you more efficiently, please post the output of sudo journalctl -u P4wnP1.service, uname -v and the contents of the setup.cfg as well as an exact description of your problem.

hid_backdoor and hid_frontdoor are not working!

The most common problem is that you did not use --recursive when cloning. If you are not sure if you did and already executed, it is enough to delete the your current copy and clone the repository again with the --recursive flag (and execute again).

issue with hid not outputting anything

Make sure you are piping your script/text to the correct function! outhid for raw ASCII (can be used to easily pipe logfiles to HID) duckhid for sending modifiers via DuckyScript (there is no way to send a non-character keys via outhid)

USB-Interfaces are not working but AccessPoint starts up.

Make sure you plugged the Pi in via the power+data usb port, not the power-only port.

My settings in setup.cfg are not used by the payload.

Since the settings in setup.cfg are just default, some of them get overwritten by the payload to fit them. So check if the currently used payload overwrites your settings and edit the payload if necessary.

hid_backdoor: "there is no screen to be detached"

This is mostly due to a broken USB-cable or some issue in the installation process. Try to redo the steps here. If that doesnt fix the issue, do a clean reinstall of raspbian.

How do I get Internet on my P4wnP1 installation .

The easiest way would be to have a WPA2-PSK network with Internet access and connect to it via the wifi client options in setup.cfg. P4wnP1 will automatically take care of getting an IP-address via DHCP. Most other solutions will interfere with the P4wnP1 internals.

Errors when injection the client code via PowerShell

This Issue describes a case where the McAffee antivirus blocks the loading of normal (non-malicious) powershell modules. The injectionprocess chosen by P4wnP1 is AV-safe and this is an issue with McAffe AV blocking the ordinary execution of powershell. Try to disable/uninstall the AV and test it again. (dont forget to reinstall it afterwards)

P4wnP1 booting into interactive mode instead of usb-client

This is mostly likely due to a broken USB-Cable.